Hi. We're Polygon

Nice to meet you.

C'mon kids, sit down. It's story time.

It was a cold rainy night, it is the UK after all, in Bolton. The two founders met in McDonald's with a wild idea. See who could have the most McFlurry's without getting brain freeze. Those McFlurry's must have really had an effect as they decided then and there to start a company. Barbie's Beautiful Design Agency was suggested, but this was promptly rejected as the licencing along would cost a fortune. as a result, Polygon was formed, the domain bought and the magical server elves tasked.

A few days after forming the company, Robert and Matthew, the founders realised the mammoth task they're created for themselves. But, unwavering; they set about creating their own website (which is now on version three), writing legal documentation and looking at the legal ramifications of creating a company.

Innumerable - we can't count that high - clients later Polygon's still going and growing at speed. We're also now venturing into the hosting business and the support sector.

Want a company who gets to know you?

We don't just make websites, we get to know you and makes the perfect one for your company.

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