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Who are we?

We're a truly responsive company in more ways than one. Weather it's the latest design trends or adapting to the new and 'revolutionary' circle phones, we're always looking to make our designs work anywhere, bar teletext.


We make the website for you, about you and to your specifications.


Whether you're in a coffee shop on a laptop or on a train on a tablet our websites will work.


From the layout to the finishing touches detail is important which is why we check it twice.

Our Services


Our most popular service by far, we'll design your website and make sure it is perfect for both you and your company.


SEO or search engine optimization is important for any business which is why we work hard to ensure you're prominent is all search rankings.


Using our custom engineered stack which can host your website from multiple continents, we ensure your clients get the speed they expect and you deserve.

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First Post 19/11/2017

Polygon Web Design is new to the field of web design despite a combined experience of nearly a decade. The web is cons..
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